Favorite Truck Show Memory


I treasure the truck show memories with my dad, George Schroyer, from those in Ohio to the ones we attended nationwide. It’s fascinating to see the historic trucks that were used in different parts of the country. Meeting new people and hearing new or the same old trucking stories were all memorable. Every year is different.

Through ATHS, I’ve made friends from all over the world. I volunteered at the national truck show in Indiana in 2005, and sat across from a couple from the United Kingdom at lunch. We hit it off, and now they always stop and say hello when they come through. I met Ian Watson on the Route 66 trip; now he is the RVP for Australia. It is true what they say, you join to see the trucks, but it’s the friendships that keep you coming back.

In 2007, I was planning a solo trip to the ATHS national show in Colorado Springs because my dad was fighting cancer and had just gone through chemo. That Thursday before I left, he told me he was feeling pretty good and thought he could make it to the show. Dad made sure we stopped at Walcott, Iowa on the way. Carolyn Moon spotted our truck and invited us to visit. The Schroyers and Moons have always been good friends. The late Bill Moon, the founder of Iowa 80 Truck Stop, was a close friend of my dad’s through ATHS. After our visit, we continued and made our trip to Colorado Springs, where dad and I shared our last truck show.

Many, many years ago, my dad got me an ATHS membership for Christmas. It was my first connection with ATHS. I attended my first ATHS meeting with dad; he’d had back surgery and was unable to drive, and asked me to accompany him. It was my first ‘hook’ with ATHS. A few years later, I served as a Regional Vice President, eventually working my way up the leadership chain to ATHS President. Dad was a Life Member, and served as Secretary on the Executive Committee until he passed away on March 9, 2008.

Dad and I made a lot of great memories together at truck shows. However, my most treasured memory is our trip to Colorado Springs.



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